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Texas Rainwater Harvesting - Rainwater Collection Tanks and Applications

Rainwater Harvesting Applications and Tanks

Simple application:
Rainwater is fed directly into a polyethylene tank via gravity (dry system). The stored rainwater is used to water plants nearby. The water pressure for the end use is supplied solely from gravity; no pump is used.
  polyethylene rainwater collection tank

galvanized rainwater harvesting tank Wet system consisting of a small galvanized tank with first flush filtration at the downspouts. In a wet system, rainwater collected from the roof goes into an air-tight PVC pipe connected to underground pipes and is channeled back up to the top of the tank via a riser pipe located near the tank. There must be enough of a drop from the downspout to the top of the tank to allow gravity (through water pressure) to fill the tank. rainwater filtration first flush

supplemental water, make-up water Galvanized tank connected to an irrigation system. The system has a roof washer to filter the rainwater before it enters the tank. The rainwater system is integrated with the irrigation system. It has make-up water capability, conforming to TCEQ cross connection rules, which automatically adds municipal water to the tank when water in the tank falls below a specified level. When the irrigation controller's timer calls for irrigation, a relay starts power to the pump, and floats inside the tank check to see if municipal water needs to be added to the tank.

Two 2,500 gallon connected polyethlene tanks hidden from view of the house by the land contour. This topology is ideal for a wet system with only minimal trenching required to bury the pipes. hidden polyethylene rainwater tank

rainwater purification - UV light disenfection Potable rainwater harvesting systems use UV light to sterilize the water. A pump pressurizes the water for use inside the house or for non-potable landscape use. Filters remove sediment from the rainwater before it enters the pump. Check valves and pressure gauges protect the pump. rainwater pump
rainwater pump pressure gauge

30,000 gallon galvanized rainwater tank A 30,000 gallon galvanized tank being assembled.

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